Bet Girls Rocked @Shwayder Camp

I had to share…cuter than this, people?

Written collaboratively with the Bet Girls at Shwayder Camp (featured here!)

Glenn produced the track simply with an innocence that reflects the beautiful work they did together!

Click SHWAYDER Bet Girls SONG to listen to Kehillah Tova!

bet girls

Here are the words:

Kehillah Tova – we are a good community

We laugh and work as a team

And always stick together…



Were close like family – a puzzle that fits together

16 girls united as one – we are indestructible

Ooooh – I don’t feel so different anymore


Donuts, unicorns and mustasches

Awkward handshakes and jokes about milkshakes

We’re not stuck in classes

We’re outside in nature all the day

Together – hey