Jan 21, 2014

It’s a New Year – and one of the hurdles I’ve overcome and am now ready to promote is building a WEBSITE.  Yes, I’ve had a presence before – a blog, a reverbnation page, facebook personal and fan pages, twitter, myspace, you name it – I’ve tried it. And now – January 2014 – I … More »

Sep 11, 2013

For your listening…pleasure? Contemplation is more like it. We’re seconds away from the big YK – a time where we are typically pretty hard on ourselves.  Time to make some changes… Here are two pieces for you to listen to: 1. “Am I Born Just To Serve” – a piece written collaboratively by campers at … More »

Jul 15, 2013

I had to share…cuter than this, people? Written collaboratively with the Bet Girls at Shwayder Camp (featured here!) Glenn produced the track simply with an innocence that reflects the beautiful work they did together! Click SHWAYDER Bet Girls SONG to listen to Kehillah Tova! Here are the words: Kehillah Tova – we are a good community … More »

Jun 24, 2013

Jewish summer camp gives you more opportunities to be of service in 24 hours than most people get in a year. Here’s my story from the past 24 hours at URJ Camp Coleman In 24 hours I: Helped an aspiring songwriter find her voice through the pen while encouraging her to open up more and … More »

Jun 23, 2013

Magic # 7 I am embarking on a new, exciting project this summer I’m producing. The subject: Jewish Summer camp Placeholder Title: Naomi Less’ Magic #7 Project 7 songs from my time spent in residency at 7 Jewish summer programs across the US this summer. The songs will reflect stories and understandings she takes from … More »

Jan 22, 2013

We are coming out of the darkest part of the year.  I love it!  I celebrate the birthday of the Trees (Tu B’shvat) in dead of winter as the celebration of the potential of growth! If I’m lucky, I’m present and conscious enough as I was today to see, when I emerged at 5pm out … More »

Nov 19, 2012

As part of the ethos of this movement for spiritual civil rights in Israel, we want to extend to music educators and musicians, the sheet music to “Sh’ma Yisrael-Listen Israel” at no charge to you. Fran and I are giving the song, video and music away to you to use to activate and educate folks … More »

Nov 6, 2012

This is the week of the influential American Jewish woman. I will front this with the following – not an apology, a disclaimer – one of these is me! I am celebrating a moment of achievement. (We should all do that from time to time and not be ashamed of it!) So, #1 – Hot … More »

Jul 6, 2012

Seems like summer is half over already. Can it be? Are the sounds of summer also half over? Take advantage of listening to some new music.  I was reminded today of how much fun it is to discover new artists.  Often, I get so busy, with writing music and performing, that I forget to keep … More »

Mar 14, 2012

This past week, through an incredible professional development opportunity via ROI’s micro-grant program, I was able to step into a world virtually unknown to me, expand my thinking, perspective on the world and understanding of how I can further serve the Jewish community.  Oddly enough, that came from the South by Southwest Interactive Conference. One … More »

Jan 13, 2012

I am often asked How can you be a professional Jewish Rock performer AND a worship/spiritual facilitator?  Don’t those two jobs conflict with each other? After all, performance is about being on stage, center of attention, while being a Worship/Spiritual facilitator is about helping others connect to the divine, the universe, themselves.  How can one … More »

Jan 9, 2012

Segregation and Celebration. If you haven’t seen the news lately, just google Beit Shemesh or click here, or here or here. In the midst of the CELEBRATION at the URJ Biennial, I added a special song to my set list, one I wrote with Fran Immerman, originally about the Conversion Bill, but more generally about … More »

Dec 8, 2011

I’ve heard about it for YEARS, but have never been… URJ Biennial. The largest gathering of Reform Jews in the world – once every other year, I presume. And I was honored with the invitation to perform there!  I simply cannot WAIT.  So here’s a sneak peak.  And for those of you who know about … More »

Oct 24, 2011

I am always amazed by how quickly we move from Summer to winter.  Where did the fall go? Well, this year, I’m taking notice. Partially due to the events I’ve been involved with for Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Judaism and partially through the high holiday work I did with SAJ through both main sanctuary and … More »

Sep 7, 2011

8th of Elul, 5771 This past Sunday, I performed at a house concert in Northbrook, IL.  On my way over, I happened to look out of the car and saw a half-moon shining brightly in the evening sky.  It was a waxing moon. In that moment, as that half-moon lit up the sky, I became … More »

Aug 24, 2011

Friends, read below for some exciting Elul offerings from Craig Taubman  - the month of Elul on the Jewish calendar is a time known for reflection, returning to the important things in life, measuring yourself in terms of “are you the person you wanted to be this year? where did you succeed and where did … More »

Aug 14, 2011

These girls rock: Summer camp teaches ‘Jewish chicks’ the first notes Originally published August 12, 2011 Original post-Click Here By Blair Ames News-Post Staff   With Jewish Chicks Rock, girls aren’t just learning how to play instruments, they’re learning to empower themselves. “We don’t have a lot of girls playing instruments and being in bands,” … More »

Aug 12, 2011

Friends, Part of the summer tour included a visit to Camp Solomon Schechter, an amazing Jewish community camp outside Seattle – Olympia, WA to be specific. We had an amazing time working with the kids and then rocking out in front of a beautiful lake-side outdoor ampitheater! Here’s some press that came out of that … More »

Aug 10, 2011

This is SO exciting. My very best friend in the whole wide world – AMY ABRAMS – who I admire and respect (not just because there is really no one who can make cry laughing more consistently for so many years)  because of the amazing career she has built for herself – well, she is … More »

Aug 6, 2011

Summer’s not over yet, but last night, the Jewish Chicks Rock Summer 2011 Tour officially ended. This is the third summer traveling around to do music, spiritual, gender and general Jewish educational work! So before Shabbat comes in and I forget that this summer ever happened (as I go into intense Storahtelling training this month) … More »

Aug 2, 2011

Friends, Here’s an article that came out about the program.  This is so exciting.  If you know communities during the year, or camps that would want to try this program next year, send them to jewishchicksrock@gmail.com! Click for a larger version of the article, or for plain text, read below. Baltimore JT-Article – Rock Camp … More »

Jul 31, 2011

Yes, this past week was MONUMENTAL. The first ever Jewish Chicks Rock camp – we inaugurated the program – Glenn and I working together with Robin, a talented Music staffer at Camp Louise to do a “camp -within-a-camp” type of specialty program. Camps-within-a-camp have been done before. Rock Camps have been done before. And yes, … More »

Jul 23, 2011

Exciting news! New CAJE is putting out a new music CD for Jewish music education. I’m thrilled to share that “A New Light (Or Chadash)” was selected in an awesome competition to be featured on the 10 song cd. I should be available for purchase or download from New CAJE at the conference and online. … More »

Jul 22, 2011

Taking a breath to reflect in NYC during the middle of tour, I am just amazed by the positive Jewish culture and identity-building opportunities being created by the counselors I’ve seen at the camps I’ve visited. I did the same work myself when I was their age, and took it seriously while having a blast. … More »

Jun 29, 2011

“She is an edgy, current and outspoken, young woman who is changing the way society views the role of Jewish women worldwide.” – Sivan Hadari from Tribe Vibe on Naomi Less Article called: Jewlebrity NYC: Spotlight on Naomi Less It’s funny, realizing how you’re viewed – the perception people have of you versus your perception … More »

Jun 24, 2011

Summer is off to a West Coast start! Be sure and check on the calendar to see if Jewish Chicks Rock programming or concerts are coming to a Camp near you! We’re hitting LA, SF, Washington, Oregon, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Colorado and Maryland this summer… Get psyched – rock on and EXPRESS your REAL SELF!! Check … More »

May 31, 2011

Know a Jewish educator looking for a great 10 commandments lesson? Want to get up and dance? Miss the days of “Schoolhouse Rock?” If you said yes to any of these, then check out: Shout ‘em Out (1 to 10) the new single created for G-dcast.com‘s shavuot animation is available for FREE DOWNLOAD both on … More »

May 20, 2011

Spring has been a busy time in Brooklyn and beyond. Announcements, announcements, AnnOOOUUUUNNNNCEments  (ala: Jewish camp)! 1. Naomi’s NEW CD WAS RELEASED!  Here’s how you get it! “The Real Me”, my new cd produced by Glenn Grossman, debuted at Limmud SE in late March. This has been a labor of love, passion, challenge, spiritual highs and pain as well. Available … More »

May 4, 2011

My new cd The Real Me is now available on itunes! Please feel free to write a review – and I will post it and send you a free bonus track! And I’ve already had my first reviewer… A 10 year old girl in Denver who writes: Dear Naomi, I have been listening to your … More »

Apr 30, 2011

Trying my darndest to streamline things – so I’m moving my blog – yes, I’m moving my blog.  But you don’t have to do anything different-it will still be located at www.jewishchicksrock.org, if I can figure this thing out. Now, I’ll only have three web-presences instead of four! 1. My music player: www.naomiless.com 2. My … More »

Nov 29, 2009

Welcome to the Jewish Chick Rock Pages. On these pages you will find out activities that Naomi Less is engaged in around the world and in a community near you.   If you would like to bring Naomi and the project to your community, please email: jewishchicksrock@gmail.com or go to the Booking Info page for … More »

Sh'ma Journal: S BLOG

Naomi is a monthly blogger on the SBlog, Shma Journal’s online blog that invites a plurality of voices to engage with matters critical to contemporary Judaism. Reposted with permission from Sh’ma (www.shma.com), as part of a larger conversation shma.com/author/naomi-less

Oct 31, 2014

February 18, 2014 was the day I came out. That’s what my friends told me, at least. I associate “coming out” with news from friends who came out as gay or lesbian, who wanted to stop repressing or hiding parts of themselves. My “coming out” was different. I posted something personal on the Sh’ma blog, “S Blog,” which touched a More »

Jul 23, 2014

On May 25th – just around 2 months after the militant group in Nigeria – Boko Haram – kidnapped/abducted over 200 school girls from Chibok, Nigeria, my friend Tehilah Eisenstadt-Feil invited me to walk. You see, I felt paralyzed – that I could do nothing, that our country’s efforts were amounting to nothing, that the More »

Jun 16, 2014

Once upon a time, I was a Jewish suburban girl…hard to believe, right? But my world consisted of a small neighborhood with a big mall. I walked to the mall three blocks away first as 4th or 5th grader to buy jelly bellys with my friend. Next, in junior high I was dropped off by More »

May 9, 2014

One of my teachers, Dr. Gabe Goldman, gave me a lesson years ago about ego. He asked me to share one of my songs with him. (I’d just started songwriting a year or two before – but refused to let anyone hear my music.) I said – no way – it’s not good. People won’t More »

Apr 24, 2014

Someone once asked me what I do: Are you “religious”? What does that word religious mean, afterall?  I do certain things in life religiously–like say “love you” at the end of phone conversations with people I love. I always live-translate Hebrew to English when I teach to make sure everyone has access to what I’m More »

Mar 31, 2014

WARNING – SOME SEXUALLY EXPLICIT PHOTOS BELOW. Two Girls. Set on a pedestal to be revered by little girls (and boys) – teaching values, morals, how to communicate, how to be great girls navigating through life. And then… Wrecking Ball. Slave for You. Titles that invoke violence and sexuality. Less and less clothing. Less and More »

Feb 18, 2014

In the meanwhile… I am happily married – I settled down in 2009 – living an unsettled/settled life. Settled in that I nest in our apartment, not feeling the need to go out all the time anymore. Unsettled in that as a touring musician, I’m moving around to different communities a lot. But there’s a deep feeling of unsettled-ness within me.  I’m More »

Dec 31, 2013

Today’s journey – follow these instructions: 1. Before you read on – take a listen to this track clip – (the whole track is at the end). Take a second to get this into your consciousness. (Translation: The whole world is a narrow bridge and the key is not to be afraid. Written by Reb More »

Nov 27, 2013

Today’s Instructions: This post is a soundtracked musical journey. As you read, click play on the music clips – they will enhance your experience. Music clips are listed at the end.  (Suggestion: turn your volume down so that it’s a soundtrack and not distracting.) Let’s face it: I can do pretty much whatever I want More »

Oct 15, 2013

There are a few articles about the Kotel and Women of the Wall in this month’s Sh’ma Journal about Holiness.  As my friend Ellen Allard taught me in in her song, “Holy-Holiness” – “all around, everywhere – holy holiness”.  (Very Baal Shem Tov of them.) So why the attachment to locale? I’m actually less interested More »

Sep 11, 2013

Dear Readers, Over the course of this year, I will be exploring the S Blog topics through a musical lens.  As I am a singer/songwriter, I am keenly aware of the power of music used as a tool to open us up to deeper exploration playing upon the emotions.  Some music will be original, including More »