Busy fall, before you know it, winter…

I am always amazed by how quickly we move from Summer to winter.  Where did the fall go?

Well, this year, I’m taking notice.

Partially due to the events I’ve been involved with for Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Judaism and partially through the high holiday work I did with SAJ through both main sanctuary and family services with the band this year, I’ve really felt a part of the fall season.  The themes around Yom Kippur and Sukkot – inward work to be the best person you can, and to open your tent to all people – to realize the temporariness of life and hear the call of the shofar, the call to action to do something to help this world – well, I have never felt so immersed in this work as I have this season!

We had an amazing Sukkot concert with CBST as part of their Sukkot Block Party (pic below) and met lots of new friends and supporters there. Tons of humus, good vibes, smiles and of course, a lulav and etrog to shake!  Special thanks to Cantor Josh Breitzer and Lisa Rosenberg for putting together an amazing event!


Well, there’s lots coming up.

Jewish Chicks Rock will be doing some major writing this fall/winter – new music, new ideas.

In the meantime, the spiritual worship side will take a front seat – with residencies in four NY-based Synagogues. Make sure to check the CALENDAR OF EVENTS or sign up on the mailing list.

But sneak preview:

November: we’ll be at the GA as well as URJ Biennial

December: Springfield, MA community concert

January: Anchorage, Alaska – their annual Jewish community conference