Facilitation, Training & Program Design

Naomi is an independent consultant specializing in the area of facilitation, training, customized educational curriculum and leadership program design. She creates and curates both skills-training workshops as well as recruits talent from her vast networks and develops them into top-notch faculty for organizational programs.


Naomi excels in creating a sense of curiosity in participants, encouraging safe-risk-taking environments, creating a space for all voices to be utilized and heard. She enables groups to cross over perceived denominational, hierarchical, age, cultural and gender divides to enable a deeper level of communication and holistic work. She crafts experiences that break down boundaries and enable people to truly listen to the other, leaving participants feeling uplifted, heard and ready to take on their next challenges.


Naomi is recommended by leading consulting groups including Center for Leadership Initiatives, Jane Shapiro Associates and Richard Levin and Associates and Edgework Consulting. Clients comment on her abilities in facilitation, creating safe and energetic discourse, strong group building skills.

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Client Testimonials

"I am honored to wholeheartedly recommend Naomi Less as a facilitator and designer of gatherings, including retreats and conferences. Her inborn exuberance, natural ability to connect to people and to call on their highest vision, coupled with the skills that she has gained in the field make her an attentive, flexible and solid professional. You will thoroughly enjoy and benefit from working with her." Yoni Gordis, Partner at ChangeCraft
"We can’t thank Naomi enough for her leadership and commitment, passion and dedication she devoted to the Women’s Division Daytreat. After one day immersed in her strategic education, our women walked away with closer friendships, stronger ties to Judaism and a renewed commitment to Federation." JUF – Jewish Federation in Chicago – Women’s Division
"Naomi's reputation as an educator, organizer of programs, and enthusiastic group leader are unparalleled. She is able to create an atmosphere involving a large or small group, and leave them wanting more. I have never heard anyone ever express anything but praise having contracted for her services." Richard Marker, Philanthropy advisor to foundations, philanthropists, and families. Professor, author, and lecturer about philanthropy
"Naomi is a gifted facilitator - inviting in all participants to a safe and energetic discourse, by creating environments and activities where everyone has an opportunity to listen to each other and express themselves in creative ways, leaving participants feeling uplifted, heard and ready to take on their next challenges." Rae Janvey, Leadership Mentor, Thought Partner and Coach
"Naomi Less offers a tremendous mix of skills: creativity and artistry, advanced programming skills, and a deep passion for Judaism. She is incredibly dedicated and energetic with an enthusiasm that's contagious. Most of all, Naomi is the ultimate connecter and people person and spreads energy wherever she goes." Naomi Korb Weiss, Co-Director at PresenTense Group
"Naomi is an outstanding, creative, energetic facilitator and trainer. She brings her multiple talents in music, theater, programming, creativity and vision to all the projects in which she is involved. 

 Naomi has a demonstrated an ability to adapt her skills and energy to her audience. 

Naomi Less is a rare combination of skills, talent and energy that will bring to success to the organizations wise enough to bring her on board!" Rabbi Loren Sykes, Exec Director The Fuchsberg Jerusalem Center for Conservative Judaism Founding Exec Director at Ramah Darom
"Naomi is a totally unique professional. She has the creativity and appeal of a spirited rocker, combined with a deep understanding of teaching techniques. We have partnered on visioning and training projects which blend best practices in both formal and experiential education. She pays close attention to every to detail in planning, so the results are of the highest level. She is an observant and insightful partner in the moment and during evaluation at the end." Jane Shapiro, Educational Consultant and Adult Educator (Jewish Theological Seminary) focused on Jewish Content linked to Organizational and Professional Development
"Naomi Less is a trusted colleague and a fantastic co-creator. Her diverse skill set has enabled Storahtelling's evolution on multiple levels - as an artist, educator, strategic thinker and meticulous producer she translated vision into radical realities." Amichai Lau-Lavie, educator, ritual leader, founder of Storahtelling, Inc.