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SEVEN cropped for websiteBuy Naomi Less’ second solo album – SEVEN  – an exploration of musical styles – catchy pop, soaring anthems & heart-opening chants. Something for everyone, every-age, everywhere.

The Real MeNaomi Less’s debut solo album The Real Me exposes audiences to her personality: addictive, driving pop tunes mixed with vulnerable, soulful ballads.

The Real Me - Naomi Less


women_s_front_jCrJewish Chicks Rock
Women’s/Girls T’s
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Wear it loud and proud – in two different colors.

(Shirts are a bit tight so you may want to size up)

women_s_front_jkr_2Jewish Kids Rock
women’s t with logo in front
Jewish KIDS Rock too!

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Tattooed Back – Uni-Gender T’s
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Naomi’s Lead Sheets

Want to learn Naomi’s music?  Free PDF leadsheets below.

Don’t see something you want? Email Naomi


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Naomi’s Featured Lessons and Programs


Naomi’s Articles and Publications


Naomi’s Favorite Websites


Music Resources and Tools

  • Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts – just what it sounds like!
  • Shironet – AMAZING database of Israeli songs – some have chords and some are just lyrics. (must be able to navigate in Hebrew)
  • Hebrew Songs – pretty comprehensive database of Hebrew songs and translations
  • Piyut – An incredible modern resource for ancient Hebrew religious poems and music
  • Zmirot Database – an awesome collection of songs often sung on Shabbat or Holidays


Cutting edge Jewish Spiritual and Educational programs

  • Storahtelling Lab/Shul – an everybody friendly experimental community for sacred Jewish gatherings in NYC.  (Naomi is a founding company member.)
  • Jewish Journeys Project – a revolutionary Jewish education program for kids in NYC.  (Naomi is part of the faculty)


Jewish Text Resources

  • Mechon Mamre – easily usable (cut and paste) Hebrew text of the Tanach/Hebrew Bible (JPS 1918 translation)
  • Midrash Rabbah – English translation of the incredible commentary on the Torah.
  • Sefaria – incredible open-source Jewish text site – give and get!
  • Jewish Encyclopedia – need I say more?
  • Tefilat Shabbat – all of Kabbalat Shabbat (welcoming) and Maariv (evening service) in Hebrew that cuts and pastes!