I am often asked

How can you be a professional Jewish Rock performer AND a worship/spiritual facilitator?  Don’t those two jobs conflict with each other?

After all, performance is about being on stage, center of attention, while being a Worship/Spiritual facilitator is about helping others connect to the divine, the universe, themselves.  How can one person do both?

While the circumstances of both can feel really different, they do cross over for me.  It has to do with where the songs come from and how they’re created.

For me, at the center of writing both is a Lev Tahor – a Pure Heart.


When I write music, whether it’s a rock tune or a meditative prayer, it comes from the same place – clearing and cleaning out my heart to allow for messages and inspiration to come through.  And trust me, a lot can cloud and clutter one’s heart.

write what they’re going to like

write something that is going to be popular and unforgettable

write something that no one else has done – make sure it’s unique

write something that’s going to sound trendy

write something that’s NOT going to sound trendy

write something that the boys will like

write something the girls will dig

write something that everyone can sing along to

These messages all dance around in my heart at the same time, deafening!  Some self-imposed, some spoken by others around me.  And it’s hard to break through that noise to get to what is supposed to come out.

So I like to spend a little time before I write, to clean and purify my heart.  To make sure I’m listening to the quiet voice, the Kol D’mahmah, inside of me that, though quiet, is true and honest.

The truth is, as a writer, when I try to write with those other messages, it ends up being “ok” music.  When I write with a pure heart, a Lev Tahor, it usually hits the bullseye.

What are the ways that you are able to have a pure heart in the rocking, writing and performing that you do?

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