Jewels of Elul! Exciting news…free sampler cd!!

read below for some exciting Elul offerings from Craig Taubman  - the month of Elul on the Jewish calendar is a time known for reflection, returning to the important things in life, measuring yourself in terms of “are you the person you wanted to be this year? where did you succeed and where did you miss the mark.”
I’m really SO honored to have one of our pieces as a part of the special free sampler cd associated with this project.  Click here or read on for details on how to get it!
So, in order to get you into the mood…here’s what’s out there for you!
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Los Angeles, CA – August 17, 2011 -  For the 7th consecutive year, Craig Taubman and Craig ‘N Co. will publish Jewels of Elul Vol. VII, a collection of stories and anecdotes for the Jewish High Holy Days. 29 individuals, one for each day of the month of Elul, will contribute introspection on this year’s theme, The Art of Beginning…. Again

With Jewels from Groupon’s Founder Brad Keywell, artists Eminem, Idan Raichel and Mary J. Blige as well as insights from Rabbis, a Reverend and an Imam (no joke), there is certain to be very unique perspectives on the Art of Seeking Light.

This year’s Jewels of Elul will benefit the work of Beit T’Shuvah, a residential drug treatment facility.  “We are thrilled to share this unique publication for the High Holy Days” says Jewels creator Craig Taubman.   “It is our hope to build on our reach of last year and touch hundreds of thousands of people during this sacred time of year”.

New to the project this year is an Amazon sampler CD. The release contains 15 songs for the High Holy Days from such artists as David Broza, Michele Citrin, Naomi Less, Alberto Mizrahi, and Mare Winningham. We are also excited about our partnership with Milken Archive of Jewish Music.  Every week Jewels of Elul will share music from their incredible library of classic Jewish music. 

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