Jewish Chicks impacting change from the ground up

She is an edgy, current and outspoken, young woman who is changing the way society views the role of Jewish women worldwide.”

- Sivan Hadari from Tribe Vibe on Naomi Less

Article called: Jewlebrity NYC: Spotlight on Naomi Less

It’s funny, realizing how you’re viewed – the perception people have of you versus your perception of yourself.  I don’t necessarily see myself in these categories, but apparently others do.  Perception is reality?

Well, the truth is, if it means that people are asking tough questions, not pushing stuff under the rug, and dealing with “evaded issues”, then I guess I don’t care what terms are used to define me – I know that I’m doing what I was put on this earth to do – the end result is what’s most important to me.

And I can say, that is happening all over.  Individuals, in grasssroots ways, are enabling community conversations to happen.

Camp Ramah in California leadership staff, because of the “Addressing Evaded Issues in Jewish Education” session I conducted at the Foundation for Jewish Camp Cornerstone Fellowship is examining how Ramah engages in the conversation about inclusivity of all kinds of people but in particular GLBT community members.

At Wilshire Boulevard Temple Camps – Gindling Hilltop Camp – the Mitzvah group (15 year olds) deconstructed lyrics to pop music to develop a critical gender lens and determine both as individuals and as a Jewish community how they wanted to deal with gender messaging that they feel is inappropriate, incorrect or offensive.  (Special thanks to Chana Rothman for co-creating the workshop with me.)

So…people – it’s happening…

The Jewish community will not stand idly by because the individual people are speaking – speaking loud and proud.

More to come from the road…Camp Tawonga up next.