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Thank You

8 Nights

The 10 Commandments (Shout 'em Out)

Hayom (Cantors Assembly Commission)

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SEVEN cropped for websiteBuy Naomi Less’ second solo album – SEVEN  – an exploration of musical styles – catchy pop, soaring anthems & heart-opening chants. Something for everyone, every-age, everywhere.

The Real MeNaomi Less’s debut solo album The Real Me exposes audiences to her personality: addictive, driving pop tunes mixed with vulnerable, soulful ballads.

The Real Me - Naomi Less

Hear Naomi on these Compilation Albums:

Thank You Ruach 5773 (URJ Books and Music)
Shalom Rav (part of PJ Library Sounds Like Summer complation)
If You’re Jewish and You Know It (PJ Library/ Rick Recht “Sing with Me” compilation)
On My Chanukkiah (PJ Library/Rick Recht “Sing with Me” compilation)
Dah Lifnei (Rick Recht song on Halleluyah album – duet with Naomi)