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Part of the summer tour included a visit to Camp Solomon Schechter, an amazing Jewish community camp outside Seattle – Olympia, WA to be specific.

We had an amazing time working with the kids and then rocking out in front of a beautiful lake-side outdoor ampitheater!

Here’s some press that came out of that experience!

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A ‘Jewish chick’ who rocks

Naomi Less and her band rehearse

We were able to sit in at the CSS amphitheater as Jewish rocker Naomi Less and her band, on tour from their base in Brooklyn, rehearsed the evening’s entertainment. They were working up “Shout ‘em Out (1 to 10),” a song about the 10 commandments (check out the cartoon video). When they took a break, they played “CSS Forever” on the sound system, a collaborative song-writing and production project they’d just completed with some of the campers.

The band includes Less (co-writer, lead singer and guitar), Shahar Mintz (lead guitar), Ziv Shalev (bass and vocals) and Glenn Grossman (drummer, co-writer, music producer and Less’s husband). They released their first CD, The Real Me, last March. We caught them in the midst of their summer Jewish camp tour, stopping at CSS between Baltimore and “BB Camp” (B’nai B’rith Camp) in Lincoln City, Ore.

“First and foremost I’m a Jewish educator,” Less told us, engaging kids in exploring their identities through music. Through her Jewish Chicks Rock project, she aims to “empower younger girls” as a role model and through a proactive program. She considers herself a Jewish feminist, grateful for the progress made by Jewish women before her. Last Pesach she led a University of Washington Hillel Seder in Seattle, an “inclusive Seder with a feminist lens.”