New rock, 10 animated commandments, distribution and Jewish Chicks rock camp.

Spring has been a busy time in Brooklyn and beyond.

Announcements, announcements, AnnOOOUUUUNNNNCEments  (ala: Jewish camp)!

1. Naomi’s NEW CD WAS RELEASED!  Here’s how you get it!

“The Real Me”, my new cd produced by Glenn Grossman, debuted at Limmud SE in late March.

This has been a labor of love, passion, challenge, spiritual highs and pain as well.

Available on,, URJ SoundsWrite/Transcontinental Music and, of course, through me.

2. + Naomi Less = 10 Commandment Jewish Chicks Rock Style!     CLICK HERE

Glenn and I were commissioned to write possibly one of the most challenging, exciting and weighty pieces of music yet!  THE 10 COMMANDMENTS!  A whole new take on the Decalogue which is out TODAY in preparation for Shavuout.  Shout ‘em Out!

3. Distribution Deal and Internet Radio Streaming! (more ways to buy/listen to/support the music)

I’m excited to share that I’ve been picked up by SoundsWrite/Transcontinental Music for a distribution deal!  Check out the catalogue or at any major Jewish event where SoundsWrite is tabling!


PUHLEEEEZE tell me you’ve checked out Jewish Rock Radio – an amazing portal for non-stop streaming Jewish progressive music from North America, Israel and beyond!

AND…you can make RADIO REQUESTS for yours truly – just like the old days of radio!!  So request to hear my music!

To check out Jewish Rock Radio, CLICK HERE  

4. Gender Advocacy Spotlight!

After many many many years of watching the mainstage of festivals, panels, exhibitions in the Jewish community go overwhelmingly to men, I decided to say something about it – in hopes of bringing the Jewish community’s attention to this are of gender imbalance!  I penned an article that was published on this spring entitled: Gender Balance in the Jewish Spotlight.  I encourage you, if you haven’t, to read it and add your voice to the ongoing conversation – and to step up in your own community to engage in this issue.

To read the article CLICK HERE

5. Jewish Chicks ROCK CAMP!!

We’re going on tour in one month!

One long stop we’re making is to produce the first ever JEWISH CHICKS ROCK CAMP hosted at CAMP LOUISE in Maryland.  Under the leadership of Jonathan Gerstl and his incredible Assistant Director, Shira Kahan, this camp within a camp will allow some really amazing young Jewish girls to pick up instruments, form bands, express themselves through music and ROCK Jewishly!  Stay tuned for more info. (or just email me if you have questions:

Full tour schedule can be found at

Sneak peak: we’re hittin’ camps in Washington State, Oregon, SF, LA, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Wisconsin and New York!

Thank you for your continued support, encouragement and general cheerleading.

I hope we’re bringing you music and experiences that motivate and energize you!