Sum(mer) Up – take a breath before the hi-ho madness begins again

Summer’s not over yet, but last night, the Jewish Chicks Rock Summer 2011 Tour officially ended.

This is the third summer traveling around to do music, spiritual, gender and general Jewish educational work!
So before Shabbat comes in and I forget that this summer ever happened (as I go into intense Storahtelling training this month) I wanted to say THANK YOU to the countless campers
  • who sang,
  • who opened up their hearts to another person,
  • who found THE REAL ME in themselves and let their voices speak out loud,
  • who made commitments to try and minimize judgment,
  • who took risks and created original music or tried an instrument and rocked it HARD!
And thanks especially to all of the campers, staff and administration who rocked out at our concerts!
What truly amazing spirit I witnessed as I traveled across the country.
This year we developed several NEW products/workshops for the camps.
–JEWISH CHICKS ROCK CAMP pilot at Camp Louise – building 3 amazing bands with girls with little to sometimes no experience! ¬†(We’re looking to scale this up next year and try it in a few camps!)
–rhythm workshops (mostly for boys)
–girls workshops around “looks of judgement”
–New Jewish music taught out
–bullying workshop
–recording/production workshop – creating innovative soundscapes based on Jewish prayer or expression
and of course we kept the successful ones from last year
- killer rock concerts
- collaborative songwriting and recording
- the “Real Me” workshop for girls
- songleading training
So, a breath – just to say – wow, THANK YOU!
How grateful I am that this is the life I get to lead and that it involves all of us.
How amazing that this summer really happened!
Stay tuned for videos, and some high holiday music! (Noooooo, not yet! ¬†summer’s not over yet!)