The Real Me


Two Girls.

Brittany Spears - Mickey Mouse Club

Britney Spears – Mickey Mouse Club

Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana

Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana

Set on a pedestal to be revered by little girls (and boys) – teaching values, morals, how to communicate, how to be great girls navigating through life.

And then…

Brittany and Miley

Britney and Miley

Brittany in Music Video

Miley live in concert
Wrecking Ball.

Slave for You.

Titles that invoke violence and sexuality.

Less and less clothing. Less and less cheery smiles.
More and more sexuality.
More and more substance use (and abuse).
Miley. Britney.
Two generations…same story?

What happened to our hopes for strong, moral girl growth into womanhood of agency, self-determination and moral compasses?
Did you fail us?
Did we fail you?

Girls are inundated with images and voices that tell them how to be.
And thankfully more and more there are activists trying to force the hand of the media in presenting other models for girls.


During the Superbowl, a commercial for Goldiebloxx aired – where girls are shown working together, creating solutions, crafty and fun, smart and poignant–literally throwing off their “tiaras” in exchange for blasting off a rocket made out of all of their “girly pink toys.”

The Real Me

I myself wrote a song produced a few years ago called “The Real Me” (CLICK THE PLAY BUTTON)  that challenges girls to break out and be the real them.