Two of the Three Bands from Jewish Chicks Rock Camp

Yes, this past week was MONUMENTAL.

The first ever Jewish Chicks Rock camp – we inaugurated the program – Glenn and I working together with Robin, a talented Music staffer at Camp Louise to do a “camp -within-a-camp” type of specialty program.

Camps-within-a-camp have been done before.

Rock Camps have been done before.

And yes, even Girls rock camps have been done before and they are HAPPILY sprouting up all over America.

But never has there been a Jewish content and values laden GIRLS rock program at a Jewish summer camp.  And Camp Louise were the perfect partners to pilot this program.  They dug into their pockets, and made a significant budget commitment to be able to experiment with a vision I had for 3 years now.

I travel the country playing music, trying to walk the talk, trying to encourage girls to pick up instruments and express themselves.  But now, FINALLY, we’ve actually DONE it – we’ve given the girls the space to explore, and for 17 girls, from the ages of 10 – 16, they found their voices, found their courage and worked together to create something magical, musical and magnificent!

I will SURELY share more about this experience, but I want you to meet the bands – here are two out of three pictures of the bands. (Missing: the band Bunk Next Door – soon to come.)

Meet: “ Twinkies from Neptune” – our youngest band.  The bassist had never picked up a bass before, both guitarists had never played electric guitar and the violinist had never made music without looking at the musical notes.  They all found their “voices” throughout the week!

Meet: Chiquita and the Bananas had a 11 or 12 year old singer working with three 15 or 16 year old girls who taught her the lesson that music knows no age.  When you’re serious about what you do and bring it, people respect you. They were amazing mentors for her all week.
(These photos are used with explicit permission of Camp Louise.  No names of girls will be identified on this post.  If you recognize someone from the photo, please do not use the girl’s name in any comments on this blog for protection of the girls.)